Physical / MTT


Pulley 14 kg

702782 Pulley T 14-2 01a

This reliable pulley is used for normal training and rehabilitation


Pulley 22 kg with selector pin and black cover

T22-2 Pulley 01a

The apparatus is very versatile and in use in many clinics and institutions


Speed pulley 60 kg

T60 Speed Pulley 01a

Speed pulley 60 kg - our bestseller for explosive training


Lat pulley 50 kg

702876 Lat pulley 01a

A well known product for those who want to train with more weights than a standard pulley can offer


Lat pulley 80 kg

180 110-20 Lat pulley 80kg

A well known product with the same characteristics as for 50 kg 702876


Training bench with additional seat plate


Used together with pulleys, shoulderrotation, dumbbells and more.


Traning bench with narrow back support

Traning bench with narrow back support

The same bench as 703694, but with special narrow back support and headsupport


Angle bench

 Angle bench 01a

The ultimate bench for training of back, thighs and stomach muscles


Mobilising bench


An extremely versitile product according to therapists



180870-20 MODULE 01a

This is the product for those that lack the space, but want or need several products


Shoulder rotation

703394 Shoulder rotation 01a

In short; a basisproduct everybody needs for training the shoulder


Incline board standard

703396 Incline board accessories 03a

A must with a wallbar and module


Ball storage ring

703377 BALL RING 01a

If you are using balls for training, this is a storage possibility


Mirrorstand with wheels

703408 Mirrorstand

A useful tool to achieve the right position during training


Rack for dumbbells

703409 Rack for dumbbells

A useful rack to keep dumbbells in one place during storage


Rack for dumbbells-robust

703497 Dumbbell rack robust

This is a rack ment for the larger dumbbells


Step stool

703957 Stepstool

Step stool to achieve the right height or position during training