Additional equipment


Handle for incline board

703503 Handle

Handle that allow better usage of your inclineboard


Rotating tricepsrod

T00-09 TRICEPS Handle rotating 01a

An important supplement to our pulleys


Handgrip for rowing

180 875-10 Handgrip for rowing 01a

Training with pulley in sitting position, is possible with this product


Pulley for handsupport

703621 Pulley for handsupport 01a

The pulley is essential, the handsupport gives you more exercises to choose from



703407 ANKLESTRAP 01a

Training of legs using a pulley is possible with this.


Wrist strap

703876 WRISTSTRAP 01a

We have the accessories, you have the choice




Pulleys gives numerous possibilities with the right accessories


Strap 100cm

704201 STRAP 100cm 01a

Strap for usage together with pulleys


Strap 150cm

704649 STRAP 150cm 01a

Pulleys is the basis, the accessories gives you more possibilities



704189 BANANA SLING 01a

A good choice for pleasant training using pulleys


Banana strap-long


The right choice for training with a pulley.


Banana strap-short

704011 BANANA STRAP short 01a

It is the accessories that determines the possibilities!


Grip glove

703763 GRIPGLOVE 01a

Get the right load during training, avoid blisters, and have a pleasant training.


Rack for accessories

703313 Rack for wall 01a

A must, to keep order in accessories



703402 HEAD STRAP 01a

A product for training of the neck with help of a pulley.


Gallow for pulley

 Pulley with gallow

An accessorie for better use and more exercises available with the help of your pulley


Cushions as an aid for more exercises


A well contructed cushion can be a very useful aid.


Deloading device

703556 Deloading bar

The Deloading Device for the Lateral Pulley


Axilla bar-padded

703880 Axilla bar, padded

A useful tool to achieve the right position for hands and upper body